Conversational Technology for Business Improvement

What are the costs of ineffective communication to your organisation?

Do you want to:

You can benefit from the latest powerful breakthroughs in the application of language and communication for individual, team and organisational success.

The Power of Conversations

Work is more than individuals completing tasks. The highly interdependent nature of organisational functions means that work also happens between people. It is not only what people know that counts in everyday work, it is what they do with what they know, which especially includes how they converse and relate with each other.

People are immersed in Conversations in the process of working together, which includes the use of communication technology (phone, fax, email and videoconferencing). A moment’s reflection will reveal that the quality of Conversations has a major bearing on the quality of work. The work that is done (and not done), as well as the generation of new ideas, innovative practices and new business opportunities, are impacted upon by the effectiveness of workplace Conversations.

Two interrelated questions crucial for organisational leaders to continually address are:

Conversations as a core business practice

Unfortunately, the pivotal role of Conversations in the functioning and success of organisations has been paid very little attention. What has been missing is the recognition that Conversations constitute a legitimate and crucial area of learning for organisational improvement and business success. It is time for Conversations to be recognised as a core business practice, embedded in organisational practices, processes and culture.

The Essence of CTBI

The Ontological Coaching Institute provides a uniquely powerful methodology called CTBI that quickly enables leaders and managers to experientially understand that Conversations are at the heart of everything they do. The methodology enables organisational personnel to leverage the power of Conversations to enhance the quality of their thinking, group discussion, leadership, decision-making, strategy implementation and business practices and processes.

Language is the fundamental human technology, for it underpins everything humans do. Language is the means by which humans get things done, are creative and generate improvement. As language is the basis of Conversations, it is important to begin to see Conversations as the fundamental human technology that is applied in everyday personal and professional living.

CTBI consists of precise set of tools and powerful models that:

The technology consists of 8 interrelated elements - all of which are core business practices:

As a practical body of knowledge and skills, CTBI consists of 12 learning areas. The specifics of these learning areas are drawn on to design modules for individual and group learning that match the precise needs and concerns of your organisation (see How we Work With You)

What you will be able to do with CTBI

Premises of CTBI

(* Collaborative Capital – the ability of organisational personnel to cooperate and coordinate actions.)

Supporting Diagnostics

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