Certified Ontological Coaching and Leadership Program – What the Graduates say about the Program

One of the most enjoyable, informative and truly life changing programs I have experienced. The material covered in the program provides a genuinely new body of knowledge and learning that impacts at the deepest personal and professional level, resulting in true, deep and lasting change.

Kathi Adams
Change Consultant and former Manager ANZ Bank, Melbourne

After comprehensive research about what’s on offer in the world of coaching, I identified the Ontological Coaching Program as far and away the most advanced coaching course available in this country, if not the world. Ontology is at the cutting edge – a truly transformational approach. If you want to do coach training that is satisfyingly deep and rigorous, this is the course to do.

Philip Crockford
Principal, Kinectix Pty Ltd, Brisbane

I couldn't recommend this course highly enough to anyone who wants to learn and apply a rigorous and in-depth body of knowledge about human behaviour. For coaches, I think it's unsurpassed in what you will be able to offer clients. For managers, it offers insights that get to the heart of organisational issues and performance, and strategies for dealing with them. And for anyone wanting to learn more about themselves, it's incredibly powerful.

Mark Raymond
Senior Marketing Manager, Blake Dawson, Melbourne

If I'd known about the Ontological Coaching Program before I completed an MBA, I would've chosen to do the Ontological Coaching Program first. Why? Because it speaks to the very core of what it is to be human, and without better understanding and observing our own human condition, how can we seek to understand and influence others both in our personal lives and as leaders in organisations. The learning never stops, because the Ontological Coaching Program journey changes the way you learn and observe in everyday life.

Ben Sheppard
Learning and Development Coordinator, Local Government Authority, Queensland

The structure of the program has worked extremely well for me. It is an excellent mix of learning by watching excellent role models, learning by studying, discussion and, best of all, teaching the material through audience sessions and the public workshop. By far the best approach that I have yet experienced. I have enjoyed every aspect of the course. I feel supported, encouraged and cared for as a person and this has provided the opportunity to learn and grow in a safe space.

John McIntosh
Director, McIntosh Consulting, Melbourne

As an Executive Coach in a large Government Department the Ontological Coaching Program has provided me with the capability and expertise to successfully and effectively coach hundreds of senior leaders in the last 6 years. I highly recommend it.

Sue Harper
Executive Coach, Federal Government Department, Melbourne

I highly recommend experienced coaches to consider the Ontological Coaching Program. It is a demanding and intellectually challenging program that bridges the domains of verbal expression, emotion management and body language. I have found it very useful to help my corporate clients recognise and leverage their own style and those of their key stakeholders.

Hélène Seiler, MCC
Executive Coach, Helsei Consulting Inc, Malaysia

My intention for engaging in the Ontological Coaching Program was to enhance my ability as an executive coach. My expectations have been far exceeded and the learning has proven to be applicable at a much broader level. As an executive coach and trainer it has provided me with insights into how I can work more effectively to assist clients in dealing with change. The program content has given me the depth of knowledge to feel both confident and comfortable in dealing with any level of coaching client or challenging situation.

Oliver Love
Director and Executive Coach, Turnkey Consulting, Hong Kong

I attended the Ontological Coaching in Action Workshop 2013. I never knew that such deep change could happen in three days. To my delight I discovered that the OCiA Workshop was just the tip of the iceberg, that there is so much more beneath the surface and so much more to learn. The Ontological Coaching program is a soul-enriching learning experience that brings with it deep, lasting change.

Cindy Hancock
Senior Sales Manager and Coach, Johannesburg

I have been astounded at the impact the program has made so far in my personal life and in my profession as an executive coach. The mix of learning through reading, reflection and group discussions, practical coaching, observational activities and public audience sessions I have found to be exciting, stimulating and immediately applicable in my work with clients and in my personal contexts.  I highly recommend this program to both experienced and aspiring coaches.

Julia Bonadei-Thorns
Certified Integral Coach, Johannesburg

The program is a gift and I am very grateful. The study of ontology and ontological coaching has provided me with deep insights and appreciation of my existing strengths and competences, highlighted learning opportunities in areas that require further development, and revealed blind spots, gaps and new areas of learning that can significantly improve any personal performance.

Aaron Boddington
Regional Manager, Commonwealth Bank

No amount of pre course information could have prepared me for the experience that coaching from an Ontological perspective gives. Coaching from this domain has given me something unique, the ability to continue to learn from my own innate knowledge and the opportunity in coaching others in doing the same.

Carl Quinsee

I have had the most engaging, interesting and valuable 18 months and right now feel fabulous and ready to apply my learning in the world (as I continue to learn).  I was inspired to do the course by my experience of your way of being which I greatly admire.  I assess a depth of strength, rigour and quiet confidence that is expressed in a gentle, deeply respectful and empowering way.

Ian Higginbottom

Well, here’s the thing:  THIS COURSE HAS FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGED WHO I KNOW MYSELF TO BE. I never believe it when I read on a promotion/testimonial for a book or a course “this book/course CHANGED MY LIFE’ and have certainly not had that experience myself – until I did the Ontological Coaching Program and I am now one of those people!  The Ontological Coaching Program has changed my life and in so many ways.  I find it an inspiring thought that our work with people in this field has the potential to change the trajectory of their suffering by opening up the possibility for a small but perhaps catalytic shift to occur, as it has done with me.

Kim Willing

I could write a book about the changes that have happened for me in doing this program! I have a new framework for living / for life, this has been most profound in my leadership work in education. I now coach, I now build capacity in others and it is powerful. I see, feel and experience the difference it makes.

Neville Powles 
Principal, Regional Secondary College, Victoria

My participation in the Ontological Coaching Program was serendipitous. I was a person in life and career transition without knowing it; or what I was transitioning to. I found it in the Ontological Coaching Program. The Ontological Coaching Program is not easy or quick but, if you are prepared to declare yourself open to being a learner it is so rewarding. My sense of poise and self worth has grown enormously. In learning about Ontological Coaching you learn about yourself. I will never stop learning!

Paul Raciborski
Project Management Consultant and Executive Coach, Sydney, NSW

The ontological work has been grounded in rigorous academic work and this has given me a sense of confidence in taking it to the market place.

Stuart Wesley
Management Consultant and Executive Coach, Perth, Western Australia

The shifts from experiences outside of the course is a deeper sense of confidence with which I facilitate a training, the ease in taking on new projects and engaging with new people, as well as a general willingness to take care of my health.

Ching Meoh Cheong
Corporate Trainer and Facilitator and Executive Coach, Singapore

I cannot begin to describe the impact this course has had on me – it is profound! The timing was impeccable given my redundancy that occurred just a few weeks prior to our first workshop. The distinctions and learnings have been an important accompaniment to my significant shift from corporate life to running my own business – and helped me better respond to the various breakdowns that happened along the way, it is mind-blowing to look back over the past 18 months and acknowledge all the changes that have occurred in my life. This has included setting up my own business, training to be a yoga instructor, running corporate leadership training programs, team coaching, personal coaching, executive coaching.

Virginia Morris
Corporate Consultant and Leadership Coach, Hong Kong


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